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This is the only Program in the whole Coaching Industry that can get you to be in the top 1% of coaches. You will learn how to really guide your client in the most effective way for who they are! The depth of knowledge you gain will skyrocket your credibility in the Coaching Industry, as well as give you the utmost confidence to deal with any type of client issue.

This is a very specialized program for those who are interested in studying the HUMAN BEING IN THEIR WHOLENESS. You will learn the SYMBOLIC MEANINGS of events in their lives, meanings of organs, tissues, archetypes and illnesses (or simple disturbances like constipation or back aches) … so you are able to support people in unblocking their emotions and thoughts – and with practice the psychosomatic disturbances that keep them worried about “body” instead of fulfilling their Life Purpose.

THIS IS HIGH LEVEL COACHING with very refined and precise tools using key words and coding of the brain to give a client the “reality” of their situation. Most people tell themselves their “truth” which is based on belief systems, cultural and family upbringing as well as a protection mechanism of the psyche so the person feels ok.

Most people are “ill” because they live in their truth instead of the reality of life. The only “real” thing is biology. The body, for as much as it is made of “empty” space, it is the most dense “real” part of the human being. The biology contains information.

You learn how to decode this information, knowing precisely the predictable inherited emotional memory that keeps people from reaching their potential as well as their innate set of personality talents for them to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

This is an amazing Program for coaches who desire to be specialized in the HUMAN BEING and not just in their one targeted subject (i.e. how to success a business on line, how to find love, how to transition etc).

This is the only Program in the Industry that will give you tools so that in your area of specialization you guide your client to over all wellness so they get what they want and so much more!!!

The pricing for this Program can vary from what is stated here. It can be higher or lower for you depending on the status of your current coaching business.

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